...to introduce individuals with job and life challenges to farming,

livestock skills and fiber art production in an atmosphere of

spiritual and emotional wellness.  
We believe:

  •  that farming and husbandry practices can be therapeutic, as well as practical    careers; 

  •  that fiber arts can encourage healing in minds and hearts; 

  •  that interaction with alpacas and other docile animals is good for the human  soul;

  •  that the spirit, soul and body all need equal attention to produce true wholeness;

  •  that The Good Shepherd desires wholeness for all Creation.

I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly. John 10:10
California Charitable Corporation:  82-2629876  ~  State Registered Charity: CT0257571

Running a Ranch

The Good Shepherd can get trainees off on the right foot to be successful ranchers.  Start as a volunteer and see if this is for you.

Alpaca Husbandry
Alpaca health starts with good forage and water.  The better the feed, the fewer health problems alpacas will have.  We teach solid management, literally  from the ground up!

Fiber Arts
Fiber arts are productive and healing, connecting both hemispheres of the brain and forming new neuropathways. Real alpaca ranchers knit! (or spin, or felt, or crochet...)

Sweet Retired Girls​

Retirement is sweet when you're part of the Sanctuary Herd.  You get to do all the things you've ...

Caught in Traffic​

Some times during the day are better to get around than others...

By the Light of the Moon

What do alpacas do at night?  

Fall Colors in Somis

Fall is probably my favorite season in Somis, despite the fact that the wind does its annual...


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