Caught In Traffic

Updated: Nov 12, 2018

Some times during the day are better to get around than others on the ranch.

Cleo the duck.
Cleo the Duck takes a stroll in the pasture.

Traffic. We all get caught in it occasionally.

Here at the Sanctuary we don't get out to the freeways very often, but we do have our own brand of traffic. Sometimes you have to wait for Cleo to finish her stroll across the pathway. Sometimes on my morning rounds I have to stop and pet Molly and Zeke--our livestock guardian dogs--before I'm allowed to proceed. They also think they are exempt from needing to get out of the way of the Kubota. Geez Louise!

Other Animals On the Ranch

Alpacas, ducks, LGD's... only some of the creatures we have on the ranch. We have chickens (some really funny-colored ones!), kunekune pigs, some really bold crows, 2 rescue terriers who I call "Squirrel Patrol", and a full complement of rodents (squirrels, gophers, and rabbits) who make sure that our soil stays thoroughly aerated.

Can you suggest any crops that are impervious to burrowing, plant-devouring creatures?

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