Retirement Is Sweet

Retirement is sweet when you're part of the Sanctuary Herd at the Good Shepherd!

Sweet retired alpaca girls
These sweet girls are retired from breeding. They spend their days eating and enjoying the sunshine.

When an alpaca retires from her breeding herd to The Good Shepherd Alpaca Sanctuary, she gets to enjoy all the things she's always had. The difference is that she doesn't have to work for a living anymore. No more nursing crias, no more shows-- now that's the life!

Does anyone know how to make a rocking chair for an alpaca??? She's already got her alpaca fleece blanket!

Suri Fleece
This is what fleece looks like from a SURI alpaca. Suri fleece is like silk--straight, slick, and super shiny.

Alpacas are soothing to be around...

Alpacas are pretty calm most of the time, and very quiet. They don't have a strong odor, either. One horse smells much stronger than a couple hundred alpacas. Yes-- really! Sitting in an alpaca pasture is about as "zen" as you can get. Most people who have spent time with alpacas talk about how their blood pressure lowered, almost immediately.

That's why we thought of setting up the Sanctuary for people who like or need to be in a peaceful environment. It's really very therapeutic. So is working with alpaca fiber. Research shows that spinning, knitting and even felting are activities that help retrain the brain to be calmer and think more clearly.

Retiring, or volunteering, at the Good Shepherd Alpaca Sanctuary is a great thing! If you would like to spend some quality time with alpacas while making a work or monetary contribution to the Good Shepherd, please call us, or send us an email. You can fill out the form on our Give page. We'd love to introduce you to our fleecy friends.

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